With its new collection Animalia, BISCUIT looks at the world from the eyes of children, hoping that tiny hearts can have their own stories worth remembering. 

The Animalia Collection has Girls and Boys variations for kids (0-10 ages).  Through harmonious color transitions and sympathetic animal figures, Animalia creates a joyful atmosphere in kids’ rooms, where children have their own narratives for a long time. The collection offers complementing, harmonious pieces that you might want to have in a kid’s room from furniture to bedding, carpet to lighting, and accessories.

BISCUIT launches Animalia at Paris Maison Objet, one of the most prestigious furniture and decoration fairs in the world, on January 23-27, 2015.      

BISCUIT has touched the dreams of many children through kids’ club designs, playground settings, kids’ room interior design project and contract for over 15 years. Now BISCUIT carries its design and production expertise to furniture, producing modern furniture pieces that fits perfectly to kids’ ergonomics. BISCUIT considers kids’ safety with curved corners, cares about health by using water based nontoxic paints, and considers parents’ comfort, utilizing details to put the baby into the bed comfortably and securely.

You can see BISCUIT projects, furniture, bedding, carpet, lighting and accessories at its showroom at Adressistanbul. To see the The Animalia Collection, we would like to invite you to meet us at Paris Maison Object between 23-27 January, 2015 .